Welcome to Caz Taylor’s Spatial Ecology lab in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Tulane University.  We investigate the spatial dynamics of populations, communities and food webs.  Theoretical research includes the development and analysis of Population Network Models and connectivity of migratory populations.  Current research projects include the Movement Ecology of Tree Swallows, Migratory Shorebird Ecology along coastal Gulf of Mexico and Spatial Ecology of Blue Crabs in the Gulf of Mexico.



April 2014: Congratulations to Ph.D. candidate Andrew Laughlin for being a finalist for the 2014 Louisiana Environmental Education Commission Research grant!

Congratulations also to Andrew on the publication of his new manuscript: Laughlin AJ, Sheldon DR, Winkler DW, Taylor CM. 2014. Behavioral drivers of communal roosting in a songbird: a combined theoretical and empirical approach. Behavioral Ecology. (online early: doi:10.1093/beheco/aru044)

March 2014: Congratulations to Ph.D. candidate Jessica Henkel for winning Best Graduate Student Oral Presentation at the 2014 State of the Coast Conference for her presentation titled, “Potential Impacts of Sea-Level Rise on the Migration Ecology of Shorebirds on the Northern Gulf of Mexico.”

Jessica and Bob GagosianFebruary 2014: Congratulations to Jessica Henkel for winning the James D. Watkins Student Award for Excellence in Research at the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative Conference! This award was sponsored by the Consortium for Ocean Leadership. Pictured right: Jessica accepting her award from Bob Gagosian, President/CEO of the Consortium for Ocean Leadership.

CazLab in MobileJanuary 2014: Lab members Sarah Giltz, Jessica Henkel, Joanna Gyory, Caz Taylor and Susan Chiasson attended tthe Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative Science Conference in Mobile, AL, where they experienced the rare Gulf Coast snowfall.


Upcoming Events:

April – June 2014: Lab members will be out in Dauphin Island, AL, banding migratory shorebirds!

May – August 2014: Ph.D. candidate Sarah Giltz will be conducting acidification and oil exposure experiments in larval blue crabs (Calinectes sapidus) at the Louisiana Universities  Marine Consortium in Chauvin, LA.

August 2014: Lab member, Andrew Laughlin will be presenting at the International Society for Behavioral Ecology in New York, NY.

September 2014: Lab members Andrew Laughlin and Jessica Henkel will be attending the AOU/COS/CSO conference in Estes Park, CO.

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